Life Time shelter for mentally challenged adults

What After me?

Who Will Take Care Of My Child?

What If I am No Longer There?


My Son Ashish is here for the Last 14 year After coming.....view more
- Late Mrs Sukumaran

harish Has been in Adhar for a Year now it was huge effort .....view more
- Harish Grandmother

After 33 year of my mother taking care of irfan, i was finally .....view more
- Irfan's Brother

History of Adhar

Adhar is a pioneer organisation providing life-long residential care for mentally challenged adults.

Late Shri M. G. Gore a qualified and dedicated renowned Social Worker, after his retirement of working

with mentally challenged children institution at the Children’s Aid Society for 35 years was reading a newspaper report.

It carried news that ‘A lady in USA shot dead her only mentally challenged son as she was gripped with the fear “who will take care of him after her?’

Totally shaken with the news report Shri Gore appealed to parents of Mentally Retarded Children for finding a everlasting solution to their problem.

It was realized that there are very few residential facilities in the field of Mental Retardation and mainly for adults. Old parents are always haunted

by a constant thought ‘After us what? What will happen to our children? Who will look after them? They needed a reliable institution to take over the life

long responsibility of their grown up in the spirit of trusteeship.

Thus the ‘Association of Parents of Mentally Retarded Children’ was formed and registered as a Public Trust in May 1990 by the parents of mentally challenged

under the strong leadership and guidance of Late Shri M. G. Gore.

ADHAR is the first institution of its type & size, which undertakes the responsibility of life long care and possible training. We are providing round the clock

care & Protection, whole some food menu for which is prepared by Chief Dietician of Breach Candy Hospital, medical care, vocational training center, yoga, recreational

and sports activities with the help of specially qualified staff, vocational instructors, medical and psychiatric experts trained social workers and clinical psychologists.

Adhar has now 242 residents (187 males and 55 females) under its care. It works in the spirit of Trusteeship and is managed by the Board of Trustees in which 7 out of 9 are parents.

Our Vision

To Reach Out to Parents Of Mentally Retarded Children


To Provide A Life-Time Shelter For Their Children

Our Mission

To Address To The Daily Needs Of Mentally Retarded Children


work For Their Life-Enrichment , Protection And Development

Adhar Profile

•   Registered under Public Trust Act 1950

•    Registered under PWD Act 1995

•   Registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976

•   Registered under Section 12 A of Income Tax Act 1961

•   Exempted under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act 1961

•   Adhar Logo is Registered under Trade Marks Act 1999

we practices good governess and Transparency

•   7 of 9, the members of Governing Body are parents. Thus truly Parents Organisation managed by Parents.

•   No bar for religion or caste.

•    We accept all category of mental retardation.

•   Admissions are given strictly on first come first basis.

•   There is a rule that parents who wish to admit their ward at Adhar should
    physically pay the visit to see the place and then take the decision of admission.

•    Equal facilities and services to all residents. No discrimination for affluent parents
    but the special concession in maintenance charges are given to parents in financial difficulties.

•   Every resident is happy and enjoy staying at Adhar. Many of our residents don’t wish
     to go home even for a day.

•   It gives us great pleasure when we see the parents are free from their worries and look
     so relaxed when they see their children are very happy and comfortable at Adhar.

•   It’s our achievement that many parents are visiting Adhar regularly even though their
    son / daughter are no more.

•   Parents / visitors can visit the campus any time without informing and can take a round
    to entire campus.

•   The Trustees / Parents / staff / visitors are served the same food which is being
    prepared for the residents. All of them are paying for their meals at Adhar.

•    Cash receipts are being issued immediately to the party.

Our Strength & Touch Stones

•   Trust, Support & Goodwill form our parents

•   Stable Committed & Dedicated Staff

•   Location: Perfect Pollution Free, Hygienic & Beautiful rural setting

•   Ability to settle Mentally Challenged Adults at Adhar & make difference in their lives

•   Role Model to other Parents Associations working in this Area

•    Accountability & Transparency

Awards & Interviews

• Awarded as ”Best Parents’ Association” on 26/9/2007 by The National Trust – (An Autonomous body of Ministry of Social Justice& empowerment, Govt. of India)

• Interview Jyoti Ambekar at Doordarshan (9 ½ cya Batmya) 20th Oct.2007

• Special Interview by Raju Parulekar telecast in “Samvad “at ETV Marathi on 9th Oct. 2009

• Jeevan prabha Puraskar by Chittapavan Brahman Sangh Vileparle on 5th June2010

• Sangharsh Sanman Puraskar on 5th June2011

• “Adharmaya” by Dr. Shubha Chitnis A Book on Adhar was published on 23rd April 2013 by the hands of Padmabhushan Shri Mangesh Padgaonkar

• Vocational Excellence Award by Rotary Club of Thane Garden City 15th Feb. 2014


The Association of Parents of Mentally Retarded Children is working for adult

mentally retarded. Association has built up residential complex named ‘ADHAR’

on a 5-acre plot in a beautiful rural setting at Thakurwadi, Mulgaon at a distance

of 9 km. from Badlapur (C.R.) Station in Thane District and on 3 acre healthy ,

clean & clear natural atmosphere at Pimpalgaon (Dukra) in Nashik District of Maharashtra.

ADHAR is the first institute in India of its type where we are taking responsibility of

lifelong care and protection of adult mentally retarded children. It works in the spirit of

Trusteeship and is managed by the Board of Trustees in which 7 out of 9 are parents.

At present we have 242 M.R children (male & female) under our care. Adhar is

providing them lifelong care, training and rehabilitation facilities with the help of

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physio Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Medical Officers,

Social Workers, Special Teachers, Care Takers and other Office Staff.

In the year 1990, around 25 parents of mentally challenged children came together

under the leadership of Shri M. G. Gore to find out a permanent solution for their

constant worry of “After us what? Who will take care of their special child?”

Thus Adhar Badlapur was born with the concept of residential institution taking lifelong

care and rehabilitation of special children for the benefit of parents and their children.

Adhar does not get any grant or aid from the government. It runs on parents’

contributions and donations. Since its inception, Adhar has been extending financial

subsidy to the parents depending on their economic conditions. The average age of the

inmates is about 45 yrs and average age of parents is around 70 yrs, which means that

the parents’ contribution will reduce in future as they get older.

We believe that the growth of ADHAR to the present position was possible only through

the personal interest ‘people’ have taken in it. We are grateful to each one of them for

their spirit of sharing for the welfare of the Mentally Retarded. We would like to nurture

it for the holistic development of ADHAR.


•   Association of Parents – Public Charitable Trust

•   Humble Beginning in the year 1990 under Leadership Of “Late Shri M. G. Gore”.

•   25-30 Parents came together to find out permanent solution to their worry ‘After us what?”

•   Managing 2 Residential Institutions (Badlapur for Last 20 Years and Nashik for last 1 year)

•   Catering 237 (181 Male & 56 Female) Mentally Challenged Adults

•   It provides physical, financial as well as psychological relief to parents


Worry of Old Parents of Mentally Retarded Adults “After Me, Who will Look after my Child?”


• Help Parents to take Decision - Emotional & Financial Settlement

• Set-up Life Long Care taking Residential Institution

• Continuous Infrastructure Development

• Financial Sustainability through Donations

• Continuous Motivation & Training of Staff


A Life Long Care taking Residential Institution helps Parents from their Worry

What makes ADHAR Different ?

•   Probably biggest institution in India for Mentally Challenged Adults. Considering the no. of inmates & facilities   offered for 20 years

•   Its Group Home not hostel. No Vacations. Runs 24 X 7 (365 days of year).

•   High Level of Involvement of Parents. 7 out of 9 Trustees are Parent / Guardian.

•   Services to all Categories of Mental Retardation i.e Profound, Severe, moderate, Mild.

•   No religion & Caste Bar

•   Financially - runs on Parents contribution & Donations. No Govt. Grant or Aid.

Mentally Challenged People – Social Impact

• It is One of the Most Neglected Area for Help from Society & Government compared to other Disabilities

• More than 15 Lakh Mentally Challenged People in India and More than 2 Lakh in Maharashtra

• Mental Retardation has No Solution in Medical Science

• No Special Schools / Facilities available for Mentally Challenged Adults

About Adhar


Introduction Of Adhar

History Of Adhar

Our Vision/Mission

Adhar Profile

Good Governess

Our Strenth & Touch Stones

Awards & Interviews

Activity – Services to Residents

Details of the Activities being carried out for the beneficiaries at Adhar
Psychotherapeutic Intervention:

Residential Clinical Psychologist’s Psychotherapeutic Intervention helps in immediate

catharses, which in turn help residents to release the pent-up emotions.

Psychiatric Care:

Few residents need regular Psychiatric intervention. Cases are referred to Consultant

Psychiatric and under his guidance the treatment is given regular follow up is being

done with him.

Medical Facilities / Special Diet:

Round the clock medical services are available at the campus. Nurses are working in the

3 shifts. Regular visits of Honorary Medical officer / Dentist / Physio Therapist &

Psychiatrist are arranged. Regular routine check up. For major illness we are

connected with the hospitals in Badlapur city. (List of Doctors Panel is enclosed)

We are also arranging the different medical camps at our campus.

We serve the wholesome diet to our resident as per the diet chart suggested by the

chief dietitian Mrs. Sarala Mathew of Breech Candy Hospital. (Weekly Menu is enclosed separately)

Case Work & counseling:

Individual case study and counseling of residents & parents is the routine process

carried out by our Clinical Psychologist and Social Workers. ( few cases are enclosed)

Celebration of Festivals:

We celebrate all the festivals at Adhar.

• Holi – all residents enjoy the Puranpoli

• Rakshabandhan – Rakhi & coconut rice is the main attraction for the Day

• Ganpati is installed for 5 days it is fun and frolic time for residents

• Diwali – Members of Rotract Club of Dombivli celebrates Diwali with residents every year.

• Residents take part in cultural activity organized by Sushrusha, Ambernath (they celebrate Apang Diwali Every Year)

• Christmas – Residents are taken for Mid Night Mass at Badlapur Church

• Khandobachi Jatra – Local Festival in February Children are taken to climb Khandobachi tekdi for Darshan

Cultural Activities:

In order to remove ‘Social Stigma’ about mental retardation Adhar carries out cultural

activities in and out side Adhar. Adhar group has taken part in many cultural events

arranged by different groups like Hello Nursery, Rythem Talent Feast, Bryan Dance

Academy, Ganesh Utsav Mandal etc. they take part in Dance & Music / Drawing & Painting competition.

Games & Recreations:

Games & recreation is an integral part of Adhar. Various indoor and outdoor games like

cricket, football, carom, Badminton, running, skipping are conducted to keep them fit and trim.

Residents take part in sports competitions.

Centralised Music System helps the residents to listen the music through out the Day and relax.

Residents enjoy the ‘Toy Room’ in batches. They look forward for their turn to come.

Picnics & Outings:

• Annual Picnic for a Day & some times over night picnic is also arranged for residents.

• Weekly outings at nearby areas are arranged every week end.

• Residents are waiting for it very desperately.

Yoga & Meditation:

To keep body and mind in synchronized condition; yoga and chanting of ‘OM’ is

practiced every day.

Vocational Training / Special Class:

We have vocational training center at Adhar Badlapur & Nashik to keep the residents

occupied for the day time. From 10 am to 5 pm the residents are engaged with

different activities like chalk making / candle making / Agarbatti making / embroidery /

office files/ dusters / screen printing / painting / drawing etc.

Out of 242 residents 108 inmates are attending Vocational Training and 86 inmates are

attending the Special Class; remaining are severe or bed ridden.

Exposure to Group Activities:

Residents are exposed their talents like Dance, singing, drawings, playing the musical

instruments, products made by them at Vocational Training Centers and other hidden

talents in front of visitors. Residents can interact very confidently with any kind of

visitor’s Group.

Maintenance Subsidy:

Most of our parents are very old and from middle class families. It is very difficult to

reimburse the actual expenses from them due to their financial difficulties. We provide

maintenance subsidy to each resident. Besides that we also provide special subsidy to

the residents from very poor families. There are some cases who are totally depends

on Adhar. Details are enclosed separately.


• Well furnished dormitories for male & female

• Vocational Training Centers

• Separate Medical Unit & Nurse Station

• Special Dormitory of old aged Mentally Challenged Persons

• Special Care Unit for severely retarded

• Multipurpose Hall for various activities

• Star bus & Ambulance

• Solar Water Heater System

• Power Laundry & Dryer

• Wind Mill & Solar Energy for uninterrupted Power Supply

• Solar Street lamps

• Water conservation through waste water recycling & water harvesting

• Dairy Project

• 2 residential Dormitories

• Medical Unit

• Recreation Hall

• Common Dining Hall with attached Kitchen


• 2 residential Dormitories

• Medical Unit

• Vocational Training Centre

• Recreation Hall

• Dining Hall with Kitchen





Late Shri Madhav Gangadhar Gore

Founder Chairman

Shri V.M Gore

Tel. No. (022) 25341708


Since 9/1/2000

Shri N. P. Desai

Mob: 9969688804


Since 19/5/1990

Shri S.J.Khandkar

Tel. No. (0251) 2439942


Since 30/11/1991

Shri S.M.Chandawarkar

Tel. No. (022) 24144350


Since 17/1/1995

Shri M.L.Talwar

Tel. No. (022)24222088 / 23710543


Since 6/7/1997

Shri K.S.Daryani

Tel. No.(022)26043296 / 56345946


Since 24/9/1995

Smt. C.R.Saraswathi

Tel. No. (022) 25621608


Since 4/3/2001

Mr. A. M. Wadhwa

Tel. (022) 26772036


Since 22/5/2008

Shri Ashwin Mehta

Tel. No. (022) 23632957


Representative Since


• Decision to form the Association is taken at a meeting of Parents at Dadar.


• The Association Registered as a Public Trust with the Charity commissioner, Bombay

• The Association Registered as Charitable Trust under Section 12A (a) of the Income Tax Act 1961 and Exemption Certificate for Income Tax under Section 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act 1961 received on 28.2.91.


• Land admeasuring 3 acres & 15 Gunthas was purchased at Thakurwadi, Village Mulgaon, Tal. Ulhasnagar at a cost of Rs. 1.5 lacs


• Construction work of two dormitory buildings was completed.

• First inmate was admitted in Adhar on 17/1/1994.


• Additional Land admeasuring 1 acre and 2 Gunthas was purchased just beside the old land at the cost of Rs. 0.5 lacs

• Dr. P.C.Alexander, Governor of Maharashtra, inaugurated The ICICI Vocational Training Centre.

• Dr. P. C. Alexander, Governor of Maharashtra, laid Foundation Stone of Third Hostel Building.


• Adhar’s strength of inmates raised from 90 to 140 with the completion of construction of the Third Hostel Building.


• New Kitchen inaugurated from the donation of LateShri Fakhruddin Sanchawala was occupied.

• Construction of IDBI Workshop for Women MR’s was completed.


• IDBI Vocational Training Centre for Women MR’s started functioning.


• Internal Roads were made

• 30 seater Omni Bus to Adhar


• Installation of Solar Water Heater for 3 dormitories


• Installation of power Generator


• Installation Wind Solar Power Generator (subsidy from MEDA)

• Inauguration of Shri M. G. Gore, Founder Chairman Memorial Hall cum Special Care Unit & celebration of10th Anniversary of Adhar.


• Dental Care Unit started functioning.

• Yoga started in full fledges.

• Rotary Club of Thane Suburban donated an Ambulance to Adhar

• Water Recycling Project implemented


• Flour mill

• Adjacent Shed to Vocational Training Center

• Addition of senior citizen ward

• During last 5 years Strength of Residents raised from 132 to 186


• Mahalaxmi Temple Trust Garden

• Dairy Project

• 32 Seater Bus


• Received Award For “Best Parents’ Association” 2006-07

• Renovation of Vocational Training Centre

• Major repairing work of drainage system and weather shed

• With some additional infrastructural developments the strength of Adhar is increased to 196.


• New Administrative Office

• Entire Computerised System

• Bio Gas Plant


• Common Dinning Hall with attached Kitchen

• A Separate Medical Unit & Nurse Station

• Increased strength to 201 resident

• Compound Wall


• Purchase of 3 acre land at Nasik for Adhar II

• Renovation of 1st Dormitory

• Extension of Cow Shed


• Bhoomi-Poojan of Adhar II Nasik Project on 4th April 2011 (Gudi Padva).

• Expansion and Renovation of Toilet block of old age Dormitory.

• Renovation of 3rd Dormitory

• Weather Shed at 1st Dormitory and Special Care Unit.


• Nashik project - Construction work of phase I completed.

 Residential Dormitory I for 25 Residents

 Medical Unit

 Administrative Building

• Nashik Unit has started functioning from 1st June 2012 with the admission of 20 inmates

• Nashik Unit Registered as “Service provider” under “GHARAUNDA” Scheme of The National Trust, New Delhi.

• Ambulance for Nashik unit donated by Vision 20-20 Australia

• Nashik Project – construction work of phase II started from 1/9/2012

• Renovation of Ladies Dormitory (Badlapur)

• Renovation of Special Care Unit (Badlapur)

• Pathway from all dormitories to dining hall & Vocational Training Centre (Badlapur)


• Association has completed its 20 years of services to mentally challenged adults & their parents.

• New Separate Loom Section was started at Vocational Training Centre Badlapur

• Nashik Project – Construction work of phase II completed with the construction of

 LIC – Golden Jubilee Foundation Residential Dormitory II for additional 25 inmates

 Late Shri Mohan Thanwarlal Chainani Vocational Training Centre

 Shri Himmatlal Devchand Mehta Dining Hall with Kitchen

• The strength of Adhar Nashik raised to 43

• Group Home System introduced & implemented at Adhar Badlapur

• Installation of RO Water Purifier system at all dormitories, Dining Hall, Vocational Training Centre & Office at Adhar Badlapur

"....My son Akash is here for the last 14 years.After coming here he has improved a lot and whenever I take him home he just wants to come back to Adhar.Whenever I come here,I feel I am coming to a resort.Now I am not worried who will look after Akash after I am gone.."


(Mrs Subramnian passed away last year but Akash is safe with us..)

"...Harish has been in Adhar For a year now.It was a huge effort to put him elsewhere,but now he has found a home.Even his drugs have been reduced through counseling.."


Harish Ramchandran's Grandmother

"...After 33 years of my mother taking care of Irfan, I was finally able to take my mother for a stress free vacation for ten days,because now we are assured that Irfan is being well taken care off..."


Irfan's Brother

Hats off to the staff working here.Institution has maintained standard.Very Good Cleanliness.These are God souled people and working very hard.We are speechless.


Sath Sangat,Vile Parle(E)

We have visited the whole area of this Adhar.It is very clean and hygienic.Staff is also very caring.We can assure any parent to drop his disabled child to this home as it is very close to just a home.


Mr.Rajesh L. Punjabi

Have seen a dozen of such institutes but this one had the most happy residents.Feel really great to be here.Thank you Adhar for doing such amazing work.


Mr.Vinayak Kapoor(Delhi)

The dedicated and commited staff under the dynamic leadership of Shri.Gore is providing the best possible services to the mentally challenged.The workship is worth copying.The happiness on the face of the residents.The success story can very well be a learing lesson for us. Shri.Gore's efforts are remarkable.




Asha Kiran,Govt. of India Delhi.

SESSD Ochani Jr.College,Ulhasnagar Student have got great motivation and have learnt a real lesson of life by visiting by visiting your sanstha.Excellent job,Hats of to you all.God Bless you !!!


Mrs.Rekha Thakur

ही संस्था खूप स्वच्छ आणि एकुण झक्कास वाटली स्टाफचा उत्साह खरोखर छान सर्वात महत्वाचे म्हणजे मूलांच्या चेहा- यावर् आनंद दिसला कुठेही प्रचंड निराशा खिन्नता जी अश्या ठिकाणी अपेक्षित असते ती नव्हती गार्डेन वर्कशॉप किचन डाइनिंग हॉल डॉमार्टरी सगळ बघून खूप चांगला वाटल हे खुपच महत्वाच काम आधार करत असल्याबद्दल खुपच धन्यवाद आणि शुभेच्या


(Mr.Achyut Godbole)

माणुसकी म्हणजे काय हे जाणुन घ्यायचे असेल तर प्रत्येकाने आयुष्यात एकादा तरी इथे याव जे पुण्य पंढारपूर क़िवा काशीला जाऊन मिळणार नाही त्यापेक्षा अधिक इथे आल्यावर मिळेल


Mr.Surendra Vishnu Deshpande(Member of Rotary Club of thane Suburban)

शारीरिक व मानसिक दृष्टया अपंग व्यक्तीचा हा आधार त्यांच्यासाठी अनमोल आहे उत्कृष्ट व्यवस्तास्थापन व स्वच्छता कार्यक्षमता या सर्वच दृष्टिंनी उत्तम आहे


Saraswati Ganesh Shikshan Sanstha(Badlapur)

What After me?

Who Will Take Care Of My Child?

What If I am No Longer There?





Head Office (Mumbai)
102, Om Shraddha Saburi CHS.
Vishnu Nagar, Opp. Bhagwati School
Naupada, Thane (W). 400602.
Maharashtra India.

Adhar Badlapur Unit
Thakurwadi Post Chargaon Village Mulgaon
Badlapur (w)
Dist – Thane , 421 503.
Maharashtra India.
+91 2512910303/106 +91 8605014533

Adhar Nashik Unit
Gat No. 286, Village Pimpalgaon (Dukra)
Ghoti - Sinner Road, Sakur Phata,
Behind Indian Oil Petol Pump,
Tal. - Igatpuri, Dist. - Nashik
(02553) 204002 Mob no. 8605014540/43

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